Thursday, 26 April 2012

Chapter 2 - THE CAUSE

Purple Heart by Ta'afuli Andrew Fiu
Chapter 2- The Cause (pages 27-37)
This chapter further develops the idea of how immigrants lived in New Zealand, and also where they lived such as  Mangere. This chapter was quite shocking with all that happens in it. The two hit and runs retold in this chapter helped me to understand the unity in the writers neighbourhood and also how close their relationships were as they were willing to risk their lives for each other. It also brings in to prospective what is really important: Friends, family and the relationships we have as opposed to tangible things such as houses, cars, etc. The major event that happens in this chapter is the hiding that Vile-(Andrew's Brother) gets from their father. This shows the differences between various groups of people as this was seen as a way of disciplining him whereas to others it might be seen as simply abuse. In real life, there is also debate over 'smacking' and how it is used. This is another real life connection featured in the book.
A technique used in this chapter especially when describing the incident with Vile is short sentences. "He is a God-fearing, placid man. I looked at Mary and prayed... And then it started".
This puts emphasis on everything that is happening and also emphasises the incident itself. I think that although it was very harsh, it was a turning point for Vile and prevented him from getting into more trouble. It was truly done out of love and is an obvious example of 'tough love'.

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